Back on track

I must say it wasnt easy coming back after 2 months of intensive deity- drawing-training and then going back to ‘normal life’.

My body and mind became suddenly out of balance after my return back home and I needed to find my way again in living and working.
Struggling inside with missing the calmness, connection to India and her deities, especially the focus I had for all these weeks working.
How wonderful it was seeing my family and friends again and being in my own cosy home with my greatest love and Mimoes-cat.

Cooking Indian curry, Dahl and eating the ultimate Poppadums (Pappad’s) I love so much keeps me in contact with a bit of India I tasted overthere.
I am still in contact with a few amazing students I met at the Center of Living Buddhist Art. It feels really good to talk to them and see what beautiful experiences they are having and to also see the painting stages of their Thangka painting. It is inspiring to be connected with them in our similar interest in Buddhist art and Buddhist way of living and thinking.


Enjoying my job at the shop selling artmaterials and giving advice to people about products and techniques they can use. I am so much enjoying my days off and working at home, bringing the deities to live. I have worked on some new Thangka drawings and started painting again, really missed working with the brush.

Filled with new ideas, back to creating, and going for the middle line that is called balance. Taking care of mind, body and soul.
I started on a window drawing of Lord Shiva at Yogacenter Tilburg. My time in India working with the deities gave me more certainty and belief in what I am creating. And I believe you can also see this in my new artwork…

Working on a window drawing of Lord Shiva.

The first drawing of a deity that I designed myself; Thangka-flowers, clouds and animals are all new to me. How much I enjoyed creating something new and old at the same time. Bringing the old tradition of drawing and new ideas into one piece.

Shakti shiva, Ardhnarishvara, shiva and parvati, thangka, drawing, tibetan art, buddhist art
Ardhanarishwara; Shiva and Parvati combined in one body.

Creating a new design for a small painting with Dharmaprotector Mahakala and my own dragon Numbla, whom I encountered during a meditation.

With the Mische technique using egg tempera and oilpaint glazing I started painting again. How great it feels to be able to create these old-style/new-style artworks.
Black Mahakala an inspiration for the small painting I am working on. I Hope to be able to make something this powerful and beautiful myself some day.
Tip of Calua, a student at the Artcenter. This book will bring me deepening in the art of Thangka, ordered it straight away 😀