How time flies by

Only one more week to go… how time flies by.

I have been working 6 days a week, sometimes 7 with 6 to 7 hours a day at the Center for Living Buddhist art. It feels I have learned so much about many different things such as drawing in detail and making tiny lines, getting to know more about each deity in shape and their special qualities aswell as getting familiar with their names. I know more about the practise of buddhism, the teachings of love and compassion and how buddhism and buddhist art is helping people to look inside to their own demons and poisonous thoughts (negative thoughts like hatred, ignorence and greed in any degree). I know a bit more about the Indian culture as in food, religion, social behavior and celebrations. I have learned to live and work in a community with people I didnt knew before I came here. Living and working together, sharing, taking care of each other, give space and also take your own space and place. It is a good way to get teachings about life experience and our own behavior paterns.

I have been working with great enjoyment and good focus for the last 7 weeks. I also stumbled into some of my own demons, this gave me room to think things over and relax a bit more afterwards. Working with the deities brings me much joy and also makes me be more aware of my feelings and belief system.

Avalokitesvara with 11 heads and 1000 arms. See the video below and you get an idea how this drawing is coming alive.

Avalokitesvara with 11 heads and 1000 arms. This beautiful deity took me 7 days to draw including 3 days of drawing hands. Avalokitesvara brings great compassion to all living beings and wants to end suffering for all.

I have had an exciting week with meeting new local people and their festivities, helping out with a workshop at the artcenter and doing the most crazy but exciting thing, paragliding! ♡♡♡

Celebrations and performances at Gamru village school for underprivileged children. This school relies completely on the finance and effort of donors, sponsors and volunteers. Therefore this annual event of saying thanks.
Workshop day with students of Denver university. It was great helping out and teaching them to draw the buddha head. Great day with wonderful people and inspiration.

Another wish came true with paragliding of the mountain. It was an amazing and very peaceful experience ♡♡♡

Paragliding @ Bir 2040 meters high in the sky… wooohooooo!!!


After our paragliding experience we visited Choekor Ling monestry in Bir.


Inside Choekor Ling monestry.
Wallpainting with tantric wrathfull deities.
Wallpainting with tantric peacefull deities.


Momo party (steamed dumplings) our favourite Tibetan food. Goodbye party of Loise and Silvia from Austria.
First rainfall in a long time, two days of non stop rain and storm. Still very beautiful and amazing scenery at Thangde Gatsal (Center for living buddhist art)
After rain comes… SNOW! 🙂
The evening sun keeps giving magical colours and views.


Celebrating our colourfull and wordly beauty as artists together. Luise (Austria) Holly (United States) Sarika (India) Calua (Brasil) Sandra (Netherlands) Silvia (Switserland).



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